Aura Quartz Crystal Ring Dish - Deep Ocean & Silver

Aura Quartz Crystal Ring Dish - Deep Ocean & Silver

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This decorative geode style jewelry dish creates a statement to hold your most precious jewelry. It features an authentic aura quartz points which can be used to set rings or jewelry on. The dish itself is a beautiful porcelain piece with a dainty metallic edge. The artwork is inspired by agate slices.

*Please note that you may not receive the exact ring dish as photographed, each piece is unique, but will be very similar to the item in the listing photograph*

Dimensions : 4 inch diameter x 1 inch tall + height of crystals ranging from 0.5-2 inches. 

Each piece is handmade and may have small imperfections on the surface of the resin such as fine bubbles, ripples or small particles that have found a way to the painting and cured within the resin during its 24-48 hour drying stage, if you want to see more photos of a piece or would like to request a video video, please contact us!


  • Epoxy Resin is UV sensitive, appropriate UV blockers are used in the formula but may yellow over time with exposure to sunlight. Keep all pieces out of direct sunlight.

  • Epoxy Resin can be easily scratched and marked. Avoid the use of chemical and abrasive cleaners. Clean with window cleaner and soft cloth.

  • Hand wash only with damp cloth and dish soap. Do NOT dishwash.